As screenwriters and producers around the globe know, multi-platform technology is changing the world at light speed.

Today’s consumers want to explore the stories and storyworlds presented to them when they want and on whichever device they want. This has caused studio execs and producers to view a great story as simply the first step of a great pitch and are increasingly passing on stand-alone efforts that only work in traditional media platforms.

Consumers are demanding a new experience, but how to you actually create one?

This session will help you prime and pitch your story in a way that positions it as a more valuable investment, as well as a project that is optimized to thrive in a 21st Century entertainment marketplace.

March 18, 2017
9:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Working Lunch*

$30/Alumni**  |  $40/Non-Alumni

30 person min. must be registered by March 13.

*Make sure to bring or purchase your lunch. Lunch WILL NOT be provided.
**Alums: bring a Non-alum and get in for free



Steven Long Mitchell

Emmy nominated Writer and Executive Producer of Tin Man, a colossal and celebrated re- imagining of the world and story of the Wizard of Oz, the highest rated miniseries in the history of the Syfy Channel, Steven is also the Co-Creator/Executive Producer of the NBC hit cult-classic TV show The Pretender.

Since its debut on television, Steven has overseen it’s expansion into a variety of mediums including, made-for-television movies, novels, graphic novels, concept albums, web content and more. Throughout its expansion, he has not only kept the brand and IP alive, but has also cultivated a motivated fanbase that continues to support the brand 20 years after its launch.

Due to his success, Steve was invited to join a small team to work side-by-side with George Lucas crafting and developing new characters, locations, planets and adventures that expanded the already mammoth Star Wars universe for a season of Clone Wars.

As one of the few in Hollywood to understand how to strike the unique balance between the creation of massive storyworlds and the telling of intimate, emotional stories about unique and visceral characters, Steven has written, produced and/or directed over 200 hours of entertainment programing, including feature films, TV movies, has
created 3 series, run 4 and in between worked on series as varied as 24, NCIS, Medical Investigation, Alien Nation, The Flash and many more.

Houston Howard

As a recognized expert in transmedia design and the author of the critically-acclaimed transmedia design books, Make Your Story Really Stinkin’ Big: How to Go From Concept to Franchise and Make Your Story Last For Generations and You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story, Houston specializes in the development of largescale IP that is optimized to extend into multiple platforms.

Leading a specialized creative team, Houston has spearheaded the creation of a unique, proprietary and scalable creative model that governs the full transmedia design process — the Super Story process. Not only does this help grow and sustain an entertainment brand on a large scale, but it also creates integrated merchandising and targeted engagement opportunities that are both story-driven, holistic and synergistic to the over-arching narrative.

With both a background in game design and screenwriting, Houston has overseen the creation and development of multiple transmedia strategies. In particular, he has developed transmedia concepts for brands such as Disney Imagineering, Mattel, Reliance MediaWorks/Dreamworks, Fox, Samuel Goldwyn Films,The Pretender IP. Additionally, Houston has been sought after by organizations such as Electronic Arts to shape, govern and grow large-scale IP across multiple mediums and a variety of markets.

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