Summer 2018 applications now open.

Act One’s Directing Workshop taken up a notch to help you create your future in film and television.

In the summer of 2018, we are expanding our new Directing Workshop, while keeping the goal the same: teach the core fundamentals to directing film taught by working directors.

Over the course of 13-jammed packed days you will:

  • learn role in development, pre-production, and post production
  • learn how to direct actors
  • learn how to work effectively with your cinematographer
  • get hands-on training in visualizing the screenplay
  • see what its like to work with an editor
  • film a short film

Plus your questions about what makes a good director; how to have a career directing film, television, music videos and commercials; what type of leadership skills you need to cultivate; how to create memorable moments; and more will be answered.

Take that step you’ve wanted to take in becoming a director. The Act One Directing Workshop is the proverbial B12 booster shot you need to launch you into your first directing opportunity. Through hands on work with seasoned and experienced directors, we will prepare you for your next career move to being a director.


July 23-July 28, 2018 + Spiritual Retreat

Application Deadlines.
Early Bird Deadline: April 1, 2018 ($100 off price)
Regular Deadline: May 15, 2018

Registration fee: $50.00

Tuition: $1,000.00

***Deposit of 50% tuition cost is required upon acceptance into the program to hold your spot.



Please send us a link of examples of some of your previous work as a director. This can include a short reel and/or scenes from a short film or feature film you have directed. If you have never directed anything before, you MUST create a short (60 seconds minimum/3 minutes maximum) scene that you direct and submit that as part of your application. No one will be accepted into the Directing Workshop without submitting examples of previous work as a director. (Please submit your VIMEO, YOUTUBE or PERSONAL SITE address.


No more than 2 pages detailing which film directors you consider to have had the most influence on you as a director. Tell us what it is about their work that you admire and why. Explain how your style and aesthetic as a director might be similar/different.


No more than 3 pages detailing the following: (1) Briefly describe your spiritual journey and your belief in Jesus Christ. (2) Why do you, as a Christian, want to direct for movies or TV in Hollywood? (3) Cite examples of movies or TV shows that are most like what you aspire to direct, and tell us why. (4) What are you hoping to learn at Act One? (5) What are your plans upon completion of the program?