“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”
– Thomas Jefferson


That is the best word I can think of to describe the past twenty years…that is the first twenty years of Act One.

I am grateful for the community, the artistry, and the relationships that have been shepherded through this ministry. To look back on the accomplishments of so many, and the relationships that have been forged over the past two decades is astounding. So much truth, goodness and beauty has come through the work and ministry of Act One.

And we are not done yet.


Goal: $20,000

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It is my belief that THE NEXT TWENTY years will be even better. 

The world is changing. Our industry is changing. And Act One is strategically placed to be a part of that change. Now more than ever, we need courageous storytellers to create works of truth, goodness and beauty. We need filmmakers capable of creating great art and living even greater lives for the kingdom of God.

Over the NEXT TWENTY years, Act One will…

invest more intentionally in the lives and careers of alumni
.…create more opportunities for community and relationships to be developed and nurtured
.…develop innovative new ways to train and equip new, emerging filmmakers
.…foster a greater sense of unity and support amongst alumni
.…focus on long term culture care and investment in industry professionals
.…provide resources for alumni to mature in their faith and grow deeper in their spiritual walk
….continue to serve the entertainment industry as a source of goodness, a beacon of truth, and a reflection of true beauty.

The vision and mission of Act One is too great to accomplish without your help. We need your support!

We are asking for you to support the ministry of Act One in 3 specific ways:

  1. Pray for Act One. The book of James tells us the “prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” We need more people praying for the work of Act One and our alumni.
  2. Give to Act One. We cannot exist without your generous financial gifts. If you value the investment Act One has made in your career and relationships, please help us do the same for new, emerging filmmakers. Our Fall Fundraising campaign goal is to raise $20,000. Please consider donating today!
  3. Talk about Act One. As an organization, we live and die on the reputation of our alumni. We need your help to get the word out about us. Talk about us on social media, talk about what you learned and how you’ve grown. Invite people you know to apply to our programs.

It is my privilege and honor to have been a part of this journey over these first twenty years. I invite you join me on this journey in making the NEXT TWENTY years of Act One even greater!


James Duke
Executive Director