Did you know there are over 500 scripted shows on television?


When it comes to writing for television, there has never been a greater opportunity than there is now to pursue a career in writing for the small screen. With the plethora of networks, streaming services and cable channels now available, Act One is committed to helping people of faith with real talent and a strong work ethic get staffed on some of these shows in order to be an instrument of truth, beauty and goodness in the industry.


The Act One TV Track is a one-week online, intensive program designed to prepare you for a career as a television writer. Simulating a traditional tv writers room, our faculty, comprised of working staff writers and showrunners, will mentor you the process of developing your spec script from idea to a completed screenplay. Whether you are interested in writing half-hour comedies or hour-long dramas, this program is designed to help you get to the next level of your career.

1) You must be recommended by an Act One faculty, staff, or alumni, AND
2) You must have written at least one completed spec script and one original pilot script.


Fall 2021


Early Bird Deadline: TBA ($50 off price)
Regular Deadline: TBA
Class begins: TBA


#1: Writing Samples of one spec television script of a current tv show (hour long or half hour) of your choice, AND one original Pilot script (hour long or half hour).

#2: 5 Loglines (Original ideas) for new television shows (hour long or half hour)

#3: Resume

#4: Statement of Faith: No more than 3 pages detailing the following: (1) Briefly describe your spiritual journey and your belief in Jesus Christ. (2) Why do you, as a Christian, want to write for movies or TV in Hollywood? (3) Cite examples of movies or TV shows that are most like what you aspire to write, and tell us why. (4) What are you hoping to learn at Act One? (5) What are your plans upon completion of the program?



TV TRACK: $700.00

***A deposit of 50% tuition cost is required upon acceptance into the program to hold your spot.


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