Applications are now open for our Summer 2021 Online Program.

Take the famed Act One Producing & Entertainment Executive Program online.

We want to support the budding filmmakers all over the world. So if you want to take our producing program this year, you can do it from anywhere in the world. Experience weekly video lessons taught by industry professionals as well as weekly video chats with your classmates. Gain valuable insight and build personal relationships with other working professionals.

You won’t find anything like the Act One Producing & Entertainment Executive Program anywhere else in the world. Our program is unique. Our program is deep. Our program is career and life changing.

You can go to film school. You can learn how to shoot, edit and cast a film. You can spend four years learning all that the books have to offer you regarding film. That doesn’t guarantee a career. You still need the nuts and bolts, the business and the ethics, the creative developments and the insights into how to make things happen in the industry.

You will only find that here. During the 10-week summer course, we offer:

  • intensive lectures, taught by industry pros (see our faculty page here)
  • intimate discussions and Q&A’s with writers, directors, producers, agents and more—and they are available only to you
  • a comprehensive overview of everything you will need to know day one on the job
  • a curriculum that includes creative development, financing, pre-production, production, marketing, distribution, and exhibition

Those are the practical things we offer. They will help you get ahead in your career. But the cherry on top, the crem-de-la-creme is the community you will join. As an Act One alum, you become a part of a vibrant, supportive, family of artists in Hollywood and the world. This tribe you will join is filled  with Christ-loving, Bible believing people, bent on making a difference in secular entertainment (and Christian entertainment too).

So, to give you a synopsis of everything we just said, we offer a comprehensive overview of the industry, access to established Hollywood professionals and a working knowledge of practical industry skills.

Come and learn how to excel at your craft, deepen your faith and connect to an authentic community of Christians pursuing careers in the mainstream entertainment industry

Dive right in, as this summer program is the foundation for launching your career.

“The Act One Producing Program offers its students a unique and one-of-a-kind learning experience that prepares them for the business of show business in order for them to be successful in manifesting their spirituality within media.”

Anne Marie GillenProducer, Fried Green Tomatoes, Under Suspicion, Into Temptation

“The increasing quality of the entertainment professionals Act One recruits as faculty and the rising preparedness of their students each year testifies to the quality and wisdom of the program’s design.”

Charles B. SlocumAssistant Executive Director WGA West

“The Producing & Entertainment Executive Program was the ideal next step in advancing my career. It perfectly mixed the practical and theoretical – with great lectures and seminars complementing and augmenting real-world, industry internships. It challenged me creatively and intellectually, all while fostering amazing fellowship to the larger Act One community.”

-Terence BerryAct One graduate, Producer, That Evening Sun

“Act One is a positive answer for the development of filmmakers who will impact the spiritual, moral, and patriotic values of America.”

Lloyd J. OgilvieChaplain Emeritus, United States Senate

Already enrolled and need to make a tuition payment?


Over the 10 weeks, producing basics (budgets, script coverage, development, finance, and more)  will be taught online. The 10 weeks include:

  • 60+ Hours of Video-based Instruction
  • Weekly video chats with classmates
  • Weekly touchpoint with a production mentor
  • Bi-monthly meetups and Q&A’s with filmmakers
  • Reading assignments

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to California’s strict COVID-19 restrictions, we cannot offer internships for the Summer 2021 Program.


Week One

Lesson 1: Servant Leadership

Lesson 2: Demystifying the Production Process from IP to Distribution

Lesson 3: Optioning Material

Week Two

Lesson 4: The Spiritual History of Hollywood

Lesson 5: Giving Notes to Writers

Lesson 6: Script Coverage

Week Three

Lesson 7: Negotiating Entertainment Contracts

Lesson 8: Loglines & Pitching

Lesson 9: Seven Major Principles & Practices of the Most Successful Producers

Week Four

Lesson 10: Production Workflow Overview

Lesson 11: Agents & Managers

Lesson 12: Line Producing

Week Five

Lesson 13: Production Coordinating

Lesson 14: Finding and Developing Material

Lesson 15: Development: Heaven or Hell?

Week Six

Lesson 16: Producing for Television

Lesson 17: Funding your Projects

Lesson 18: Producing for Commercials, Music Videos and Short Films

Week Seven

Lesson 19: Leading & Navigating the Chaos of TV

Lesson 20: VFX Workflow

Lesson 21: Post-Production Workflow

Week Eight

Lesson 22: Producing Reality/Non-Scripted TV

Lesson 23: Business Ethics

Lesson 24: Domestic Distribution and Foreign Sales

Week Nine

Lesson 25: Transmedia

Lesson 26: Faith, Media & Culture

Lesson 27: Sprucing Up Your Industry Resume & LinkedIn Profile

Week Ten

Lesson 28: Hollywood as a Mission Field

Lesson 29: Industry Trends

Lesson 30: The Next Steps


    • 10-Week Program: June 12-August 21, 2021


  • Early Bird Deadline: March 31, 2021 ($50 off tuition)
  • Regular Deadline: May 1, 2021  May 21, 2021
  • Class begins: June 12, 2021


COURSE FEE: $1,300.00


***Deposit of 50% of the tuition cost is required upon acceptance into the program to hold your spot. The remainder of the tuition balance MUST be paid before the first day of classes on June 12, 2021.

1. RESUME:  A current professional resume.
2. PERSONAL STATEMENT:  No more than 3 pages detailing the following:

Briefly describe your spiritual journey and your belief in Jesus Christ.
Why do you, as a Christian, want to work in the entertainment business?  In what capacity do you see yourself most effective and passionate, and why?
Cite examples of movies or TV shows that are most like what you aspire to help create, and tell us why.
What do you hope to learn from the Producing Program and what are your plans upon completion of the Producing Program?

3. REFERENCE LETTERS:  please upload two professional reference letters. Any questions about your application can be directed to

4. INTERVIEW: Once you have submitted your online application, we will contact you to set up a time for an interview (via Zoom) with an Act One staff member. The interview will be casual in nature and will take less than 30 minutes. The goal of the interview is to get to know you as a potential student.



Q: How do I contact Act One?
A: Act One can be reached via email at We are more than happy to schedule phone calls to go into more details about our various programs and services.

Q: What is the application fee?
A: $50

Q: How soon will I hear back from you?
A: We accept applications on a rolling basis. Once your application is received, we will notify you of your status within 30 days. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll hear back on whether you’ve been accepted and the sooner you can begin to prepare for the program.

Q: What kind of applicants are you looking for?
A: We’re looking for students who are interested in becoming producers, creative executives, entertainment lawyers, etc. Often, our strongest candidates are those with, or currently getting an MBA, or other advanced degrees and those who have worked in finance, marketing or advertising. As well, we tend to look for candidates who have had some experience with production, but this is not a requirement. Ultimately, we are looking for applicants who love film and TV and are serious about their Christian faith.

Q: What can I expect to accomplish in the Summer Producing Program?
A: The Summer Program is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of everything a Hollywood producer or executive needs to know to fast-track their career. The Summer Program is also coupled with the opportunity to participate in a coveted, industry internship – often at a production company, network or studio. Internships are tailored to your goals and most companies who know Act One’s reputation offer larger projects and more hands-on experience than the typical college internship.

Q: If I elect to do an Internship during the Summer Producing Program, what will be expected of me?
A: We expect our students to intern a minimum of 2-3 days/wk for 8 weeks at their internship. Interning one day a week is possible, but not recommended. Some students elect to intern 5 days/wk, but that makes for a very challenging schedule. Interning 2-3 days/wk is ideal because it leaves room for students to have part-time jobs, work on their own projects, attend classes and special events, complete homework, and take full advantage of the Act One alumni network. All internships are unpaid.

Q: How is my Internship placement determined?
A: After a student is accepted, he/she has an in-depth internship consultation with the Producing & Entertainment Executive Program Director. In that meeting, the student has the opportunity to further express his/her goals for the Summer Internship, articulate interest in specific companies or areas of the industry, and hear about the companies connected to the Act One community. Three top companies are identified, and the director works to set up interviews. We work hard to secure one of the top three choices for you, but all internships are subject to seasonal availability, so sometimes students are placed in their fourth or fifth internship choice.

Q: Will my Internship provider hire me at the end of the summer?
A: This does happen on occasion, but it typically takes 2-3 internship experiences to be considered for an entry-level position in the entertainment industry. Usually it is a company connected to your internship provider that affords you your first paid opportunity, or second internship, or temp position. Six months from the start of the Summer Program is a good estimate to find paid work directly related to the entertainment industry. Getting established in Hollywood takes some time, so be conservative in your financial planning as you prepare to transition.

Q: How much producing or executive experience do Act One students typically have?
A: Our students range from beginners with no experience to working professionals. According to the surveys we conduct at the completion of each program, students of all experience levels find the program challenging and valuable.

Q: How old are most Act One students?
A: Act One students are typically between 22 and 45. At minimum, applicants must have completed their junior year of college.

Q: What is the structure/schedule for the Summer Program?
A: Classes and workshops are held every Saturday from 9AM to 6PM, from June through the end of August. There’s also the occasional special event during the week, at night. But the program is designed for working people, whether that be an internship, part-time or full-time position. Students can work up to 40 hours a week and still participate in all the Act One Summer Program.

Q: Do I need to live in Los Angeles to go through the Producing Program?
A: No. Our producing program is available to attend either in-person or online from anywhere in the world. In-person students do receive the extra benefits of being in town for extra weekday meetings at studios with executives around town.

Q: Does Act One help students find housing?
A: No. Students are responsible for their own housing. Act One does not officially facilitate or find housing for students. That said, we often hear about available housing, and pass along that info to students. We also have an alumni Facebook page, where alums often post housing notices. Church classifieds and other students are usually your best bet for finding housing.

Q: Why do you need my resume/future plans/etc.?
A: Act One’s primary focus is training students who are seeking careers in the mainstream entertainment industry and/or the production of independent films targeted at mainstream audiences. Because classes are limited in size, knowing your career journey and future plans helps us to choose applicants who will most benefit from our focus. (Please note that Act One does not discriminate based on Christian denomination, gender, race/ethnicity, marital status, age, or disability.)

Q: Does Act One provide financial aid or scholarships?
A: Act One does NOT offer traditional financial aid.

Q: When is tuition due?
A: A deposit is required upon acceptance into the program to hold your spot.

Q: What kind of professional recommendation are you looking for?
A: We prefer professional letters of recommendation from people of influence or high standing who know you well and can speak to your character as an employee or leader.

Q: How much homework is assigned during the Producing Program?
A: All students are assigned extensive reading and viewing assignments prior to the start of the Summer Program. During the Summer Program, the focus is more on your internship experience than homework.