“Act One is a community of Christian entertainment industry professionals who train and equip storytellers to create works of truth, goodness, and beauty.”

The young man had a tormented look on his face as he approached one of our Act One professionals and admitted, “I don’t know what to do. I’m an artist and I know I could use my talents in the church, but I really feel called to write for mainstream audiences. I see all the bad, negative messages out there. And I want to bring more good stuff into the media. I just don’t know how to do that? Can you help me?”

This is a common expression mirrored by the professionals who join the Act One community.

And, yes. We CAN help you. Act One is a place where the time-honored value of goodness thrives.

How are we doing this?

First, our professionals believe in creating good work. Work of high craftsmanship and excellence. Our professionals strive for the highest integrity in storytelling and production value. Act One believes that goodness attracts mass audiences and generates high profits.  In fact, the work of our professionals is so good, that it rises to the top of the competition – domestically and abroad.

Second, our community of industry professionals places priority on bringing messages of goodness to the ever-expanding world of entertainment. We do this not by shying away from tough issues, but by shedding light into the dark places of the human experience. Our professionals believe that goodness lands on themes of hope, healing, and redemption – no matter what genre or format.

Goodness is infused in all that we create. Are you being called to do that? Come join us!