Week One

Lesson 1: The Act One Difference
Lesson 2: A Beautiful Movie
Lesson 3: A Spiritual History of Hollywood

Week Two

Lesson 4: The Writer as Prophet
Lesson 5: Generating Ideas
Lesson 6: Finding your Voice

Week Three

Lesson 7: Redemptive Storytelling
Lesson 8: Loglines: This is an analysis of compelling loglines and the steps to create them.
Lesson 9: Structure Methods for Feature Films

Week Four

Lesson 10: Writing Visually
Lesson 11: World-building
Lesson 12: Treatments, Outlines & Beat Sheets

Week Five

Lesson 13: Dialogue
Lesson 14: Creating Cathartic Characters
Lesson 15: Elements of a Pitch

Week Six

Lesson 16: Story Exegesis
Lesson 17: Set-Ups & Pay Offs
Lesson 18: Subtext

Week Seven

Lesson 19: Writing for Half-Hour Television
Lesson 20: Cracking the One-Hour TV Script
Lesson 21: Writing for Kids & Animation

Week Eight

Lesson 22: Dating Your Character
Lesson 23: Genre
Lesson 24: Writing is Rewriting

Week Nine

Lesson 25: Research
Lesson 26: Beyond Formatting: Crafting a Script that Comes Alive on the Page
Lesson 27: What’s so important about Themes?

Week Ten

Lesson 28: Hollywood Development Game
Lesson 29: Storytelling & Technology
Lesson 30: How Storytellers Change Culture