Anthony Epling


Anthony Epling grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains where his mother wasn’t allowed to have a globe in her kindergarten classroom for fear of alienating the members of the community who still thought the world was flat. Anthony knew that as soon as he got out of high school, he had to get out of the holler and into civilization where cable television, paved driveways and indoor plumbing weren’t seen as “luxuries.”

Anthony was eager to see what life above the Mason-Dixon line was really like, so after graduate school he moved to New York City and got a job with the New York City Campaign Finance Board. Later, he moved to Washington DC where he worked as a lobbyist for a variety of clients including the Department of Labor and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Then there was the night a Senator tried to kill him by shoving him down a flight of stairs. And the South American coup he was supposed to assist.

Anthony decided politics was too cutthroat for him and moved west to work in the entertainment industry, serving as the assistant to various writers. He most recently served as Producer for Netflix’s series “Sweet Magnolias.” He has also written for “Good Witch,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Suits” and “Cold.” He has multiple feature, television and digital projects in development. In addition to his television and digital work, he has written a number of plays.