Michael Feifer


Michael Feifer is an award-winning writer, director and producer with more than three decades in the business.  It was 20th Century Fox that moved Mike’s family to Los Angeles in 1972 when his father was Director of Television Research.  Mike, though, never considered a career in the business until after he graduated Architecture school and worked on one of his father’s films.  It was on the very first film that he got the film bug and went on to work with his father producing all of his movies, running his video label and selling his films in the international markets.  Eventually, other companies began to hire Mike to produce their films, but Mike realized that directing films was his true passion.  Mike has now gone on to produce over 120 films, write more than 50 scripts and direct more than 70 films starring such greats as Val Kilmer, Brittany Murphy, Bruce Dern, Kathleen Quinlan, Tom Skerritt, Peter Bogdanovich, Tom Berenger and many more.   Even more, Mike’s wife, a true Georgia peach, hired Mike to produce a movie for her over twenty years ago.  Mike and Caia fell in love making that movie, got married soon after and had a son who is now a junior at St. Andrews University in Scotland.  Two years ago, during the pandemic, Mike and Caia moved to Peachtree City, Georgia where they now reside and run their production company.