The Good News: This is the most amazing, opportunistic, exciting, empowering time to be a creator since the invention of the printing press primarily because of staggering amount of tools, platforms, mediums, means of production and means of distribution that have been democratized and made readily available to everyone.
The Bad News: Creatives are not taking advantage of this historic opportunity and are letting this moment slip by.
Like someone who refuses to work because he’s waiting to win the lottery, far too many screenwriters, producers and content creators are lying dormant, waiting for “the studios” to show up at their door with a giant check to change the course of their careers. Creative professionals need to learn how to stop playing perpetual defense with their careers and arm themselves with all the tools at their disposal to attack the market, form community, seed their projects, and build pre-awareness in a way that creates actual market velocity.
In this workshop you’ll learn how to create a Super Story — a branded eco-system that not only utilizes volume, diversification and synergy, but that also leverages entrepreneurial and market leader strategies scaled to fit the independent creator.
Don’t remain idle waiting for giant conglomerates to make your dreams come true. Have vision. Think different. Don’t wait. Launch.
Who Is This Workshop For? Producers, Writers, Executives, Directors…Content Creators and Creative Professionals of any kind.
About our Speaker, Houston Howard:

There’s story and then there’s Super Story. If you just want a story, go to McKee. If you want your story to survive in an age of distraction and become bigger than you’ve ever imagined, you need a Super Story.

As the Chief Storyteller and Co-Founder of One 3 Creative, Houston has been a recognized thought leader in the entertainment and branding communities because of his unique and proprietary transmedia approach to story. Advising entities such as Mattel, Disney Imagineering, Reliance Media Works, West Coast Customs, Samuel Goldwyn Films and Harper Collins Publishing, as well as designing a number of transmedia-focused projects for Fox, the CW, TNT, Slinky and the writers of Toy Story, Houston has an impressive amount of of experience designing projects that are primed for the 21st Century.

When he’s not outlining a new slate of transmedia design books, setting up international co-productions for current transmedia projects or leading a wildly diverse creative team, Houston is educating professionals on how to adapt to an ever-changing entertainment landscape. This has included leading workshops for the Producers Guild of America, the National Association of Broadcasters, Act One, Storyworld USA, The Greater Los Angeles Writers Conference and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

His latest book – You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story – has been a go-to manual for creative professionals on how to leverage a variety of media platforms, maximizes revenue potential and engages audiences in new and innovative ways.


Friday Evening, April 23

Session 1: 6:30-8:30pm PT

Saturday Morning, April 24

Session 2: 9:30am-12:30pm PT

Lunch Break

Saturday Afternoon, April 24

Session 3: 2:00-4pm PT


COST: $35.00 per person (includes access and participation in both days of the workshop as well as a copy of the book, You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Story, by Houston Howard shipped directly to your home at no additional cost.)