James Covell is an award winning composer who writes music for Film, Television, Theatre and the Concert Hall. Karen Covell is an independent producer of film and television, as well as the founding Director of the Hollywood Prayer Network. The Covells have co-authored three books: How To Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out, The Day I Met God, and The J Bomb.

The Hollywood Prayer Network (HPN) seeks to identify, connect and empower Christians who are working in Hollywood and throughout the entertainment industry, uniting and encouraging them with prayer and community and equipping them to live lives that demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ. HPN encourages and mobilizes Christians around the world to pray for the people who work in Hollywood and seeks to have every Christian who is working in the entertainment industry prayed for by individual Christians outside of the industry. HPN also coordinates prayer for the whole of the entertainment industry and the content being produced, as well as for the entire Hollywood community – that they would understand their value as children of God and seek to know Him completely.

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