Nick Moceri is the founder of All Night Diner, a production company that works in film, television, podcasts, and digital media, and the co-founder of Nightlight Media, a joint venture with writer/director/producer Adam Anders. Nick is one of the producers of the recently released film, SITTING IN BARS WITH CAKE, for Amazon Studios, which is now streaming on Amazon Prime so check it out.

Nick’s film producing credits include A GIRL WALKS HOME ALONE AT NIGHT (Sundance 2014), DEIDRA & LANEY ROB A TRAIN (Sundance 2017), THE KINDERGARTEN TEACHER (Sundance 2018), MADELINE’S MADELINE (Sundance 2018), STRANGE NEGOTIATIONS (SXSW 2019), and FRAMING JOHN DELOREAN (Tribeca 2019).

He was also a producer of the Bill Gates & Rashida Jones Ask Big Questions podcast.

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